Katies Crossing

Katies Crossing is a five part mystery series I co-produced, co-directed, and co-edited. The story revolves around two Katies who find each other, like each other, and mysteriously transform each other.

Episode 1

Katie meets Katie. Katie interviews a representative of the Tina Beef hot dog franchise. Katie reads some of her poetry.

Episode 2

Katie gets the scoop on the Trash Trojans corporation. Katie has band practice with her friend Karen. Katie meets with an old flame.

Episode 3

Katie visits The River League. Katie meets Phil at a farm party. Katie gets closer to the truth.

Episode 4

Katie goes to her mother's house. Katie has a secret meeting. Katie gets in the river.

Episode 5

Katie is a guest on a young adult fiction talk show. Katie and Katie have coffee at Vicky's. Katie gets to the bottom of it all.

Sincerely Productions presents


a five part queer mystery miniseries

Directed by Sally Lawton and Max Wirt

Written by Sally Lawton, Katy Albert, Katie Williams and Max Wirt

Score by Sean Hughes

With Music by Lost Man and Kikagaku Moyo


Katie: Katy Albert

Katie: Katie Williams

Sonia: Shelley Geiszler

Aria: Sierra Berquist

Tony Babel: Ian Bertorelli

Tina Beef: Sophia Hamilton

Karen/Vito: Ian Fullerton

Pia: Kathleen Soler

Mary Ann: Mary Alice Williams

Ms. Klink: Fontaine Capel

Stacy: Brianna Facione

Jackson: Dave Smith

Amanda Lee: Gita Jackson

Amanda's Mom: Tracey Ramsey

Phil: Max Wirt

Tina's Cousin: Adam Paul

Carl Gibbons: Shelby Turner

Tamara: Sally Lawton

Tree as himself

Trash Trojans:

Ruby Write

Rose Hannan

Celia Hannan

Sedona Coleman

Arianna Johnson

Laura Guadagnino

Grace Hilliard

Lili McLaughlin

"Welcome to Katies Crossing" (intro) and "Taxi" (farm party)

Written and Performed by Lost Man

"Trad" (canoe chase)

Written and Performed by Kikagaku Moyo


The Plant Chicago

Moonlight Vulture

Orysia Ostap

Maya Demianczuk

Blair Bogin

Bits and Pieces

Elise Johnston

Patchwork Farms

Steve's Sports Bar

Jenny Stadler

Lost Man

Kikagaku Moyo

Ellyn Diko

Mike Oleon

Emily Eddy

The Wasteshed

Allison and Chris Deporter

Lili O'Connell and Mark Cigelski

and Chicago's DIY Community

Katies Crossing was filmed and edited from March 2016-October 2017 in Chicago, IL and Lakeside, MI.

We are so incredibly grateful for everyone's time and dedication who were involved with this project.